Welcome to our archive.

No More McMansions in Los Angeles came together as a loose confederation of activists working to stop mansionization in our city.  This website served as a clearing house for information and a tool to coordinate our efforts. 

The version you see here reflects the successful conclusion of a campaign that achieved two broad goals.  

  • Single-family neighborhoods gained more effective regulations on home size through changes made to two citywide ordinances, the Baseline Mansionization Ordinance (or BMO) and Hillside Mansionization ordinance (or HMO).

  • Individual neighborhoods gained the ability to tailor those regulations to their own scale and character through a menu of “Variation Zones.” 

We are keeping this site available as an archive that may be useful to others pursuing similar reforms.

You can find discussion of issues that commonly arise in a campaign like ours, including property rights and economic impacts, by following the tab that brings up “The Facts.” 

You can find samples of materials we used during our campaign by following the tabs “Get Informed” and “Get Involved.”   

We wish you every success in your efforts to make your community a more livable and sustainable place.